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★   March on to Nationwide GENERAL STRIKE ON 26TH NOVEMBER, 2020 .
★   Contribution of Levy to Unions from out of arrears .
★   Improvements in the provisions on Disciplinary Action and procedure thereof .
★   11th Settlement- Basic Pay & Other Components
★   Implementation of 11th Bipartite Settlement.
★   Software for reworking of Stagnation Increments.
★   Arrears calculation software for Sub-Staffs.
★   Arrears calculation software for Clerks.
★   3 Salient features
★   2 11th Bipartite Settlement
★   1 Joint Circular.
★   Circular 09 on signing of 11th Bipatite Settlement .
★   Discussions with IBA dt.16.10.20
★   CIR-08 Clarion Call BY Federation against Anti-Workmen Policy mindset of the Management..
★   Circular on AIBEA's Office Bearers Meeting dt.20.09.2020.
★   Circular of Federation on Virtual Meeting of extended “Small Committee”.
★   Federation's Letter to MD & CEO on EGM of shareholders on 19th Sept 2020.
★   Bipartite Talks held with IBA on 17.09.2020 .
★   Renewal of Medical Insurance Policy for 2020-21.
★   Cir-07 Protest Action- Badge Wearing on 16-09-2020.
★   Cir-06 Observe Anti-Bank Privatisation Day on 14th September, 2020.
★   Joint Circular on Bipartite Talk dt. 28.08.2020.
★   Circular-05- Organisational Matters.
★   Circular of AIBEA on MoU for 11th Bipartite Settlement signed on 22-Jul-2020.
★   Circular Letter to Units and Members dated 20-Jul-2020.
★   Federation’s Guidelines & advice on Our ongoing struggle against Management. .
★   March on to All India Strike on 27th March, 2020 -Clarion Call By AIBEA & AIBOA .
★   AIBEA Entering to Platinium Jublee Year-75th Foundation Day 20-04-2020.
★   AIBEA Circular on Bipartite Talk & Strike from March 11th deferred.
★   CIR-02- Federation's messages on meeting with CLC at Delhi on 04.02.2020.
★   D.A circular w.e.f February 2020.
★   March on to 31st January & 1st February STRIKE as no positive response from IBA.
★   CIR-01 AIBEA & UFBU circular on Agitional Programme & All India Strike.