Federation of Bank of India Staff Unions, one of the strongest and biggest bank-wise organization was founded in 1951 and its first conference was held in Kolkata on 6th may 1951 under the Presidentship of Com G.G.Dholakia. 15 employees from 6 units were present in the inaugural conference and employees from another 9 places sent in their approval in writing affirming their intension to join the Federation. In the first conference Com G.G.Dholakia and Com. G.N.Trikannad were elected as President and General Secretary respectively. Com Sushil Ghosh was witness to this conference and was elected as member of the executive committee. It is worth to mention that our Federation has celebrated its diamond jubilee year, and during this period the Federation has held its 23rd conferences, the last being in Mumbai and Golden Jubilee conference was held at Kolkata in the year 2001. Our Federation successfully conducted in the year 1951 the longest strike in the Banking Industry which lasted for 46 days against the exploitation of workers. When the Bank management was unwilling to give promotions to clerical staff as officers, sighting the reason that clerks are not capable of managing supervisory work, the issue was relentlessly followed up by our Federation and signed a settlement in 1972 with the Management enlisting the terms and conditions of promotions from Clerical to Officers. This was followed up by a settlement for promotions form Sub-Staff to Clerical cadre. Both the settlements were signed under Industrial Dispute Act. Thereafter our Federation continued to sign many settlements including for selecting clerks to various allowance carrying posts. The number of promotions given due to efforts of our Federation both in clerical cadre and Sub-Staff cadre is highest in Industry. Even today the number of Special Assistants posts are highest amongst all Banks which was at one point of time was almost 3000.We can also proudly say that in Bank of India all the allowance carrying posts are filled up by a process and no one is allowed to use their discretion in the matter. Such is the Strength of our Federation which was led by stalwarts like Com G.G.Dholakia, Com V.M.Chitnis etc. Today 23 units are affiliated to our Federation and it is the single largest recognized body in Bank of India representing almost 87% of employees under the banner of AIBEA. We are proud of our history and We salute its past and present leadership.

List of Elected Office- Bearers 25th Triennial General Body-
Sl No. Name Post
1. Com.N.M.Chavan Chairman
2. Com.A.Maxi Pereira President
3. Com.T.V.S.Sivaramakrishnan Working President
4. Com.Rameshwar Prasad Vice President
5. Com.Deepak Patil Vice President
6. Com.Roop Lal Mehra Vice President
7. Com.U.S.Varma Vice President
8. Com.R.G.Sharma Vice President
9. Com.C.P.Chandrasekaran Vice President
10. Com.R.B.Patel Vice President
11. Com.Bikker Bahadur Vice President
12. Com.S.R.Bobhate Vice President
13. Com.A. Almeida Vice President
14. Com.Dinesh Jha Lallan General Secretary
15. Com.Pradipta Kumar Pattanaik Deputy General Secretary
16. Com.Mohan Bangera Deputy General Secretary
17. Com. Anil Dubey Deputy General Secretary
18. Com.Ulhas Desai Deputy General Secretary
19. Com.Nabin Modi Deputy General Secretary
20. Com.P.C.Sridhar Deputy General Secretary
21. Com.Jagdish Rai Assistant General Secretary
22. Com.S.K.Adak Assistant General Secretary
23. Com.Satyashil Rewatkar Assistant General Secretary
24. Com.Girish Dave Assistant General Secretary
25. Com.Saroj Ranjan Mallick Assistant General Secretary
26. Com.Prabhat Khare Assistant General Secretary
27. Com.Tushar Sakpal Assistant General Secretary
28. Com.Asish Ghosh Assistant General Secretary
29. Com.Dilip Joshi Assistant General Secretary
30. Com.Vinod Kadam Assistant General Secretary
31. Com.Pankaj Wadhavkar Assistant General Secretary
32. Com.Shirish Rane Assistant General Secretary
33. Com.Vinay Tendulkar Assistant General Secretary
34. Com. Assistant General Secretary
35. Com. Assistant General Secretary
36. Com. Assistant General Secretary
37. Com. Assistant General Secretary
38. Com.Umesh Das Treasurer
39. Com.Jayesh Desai Assistant Treasurer